Don't want plastic in your cream, deodorant, and cosmetics?

Then help us to get it out!

On Thursday 22nd October, the topic of microplastics in cosmetics was explored in the popular Dutch consumer TV program: Keuringsdienst van Waarde! This was also explored in the episode of another popular Dutch program: Jinek on Monday 27 October.

One of the presenters of the show, Teun van de Keuken, confronted the Dutch Cosmetics Association on the basis of our research with the question: why are producers not more transparent about the use of plastic in care products?

Everyone should be able to decide for themselves!

Surely as a consumer, you should be able to choose for yourself whether you want a product with or without plastic? To make that choice, you need 'a chemistry diploma and a microscope,' sighed Teun.

He then pointed to the free app Beat the Microbead from 'the brilliant minds of Plastic Soup Foundation ' (this made us blush a bit), which allows everyone to scan their products and immediately see if and which microplastics are detected.

Already a success
Plastic Soup Foundation has been campaigning against microplastics in cosmetics for nine years, and we have already succeeded in removing microbeads from toothpaste and scrubs. Now it's time to tackle the bigger problem: we want to stop the use of ALL plastics in personal care products.

Our Beat the Microbead app has already been a great success, but since the broadcast of the Keuringsdienst van Waarde and Jinek, we've been overwhelmed with new users. 874,000 products have already been scanned! Of these, 90,000 products are still in the queue to be screened and approved.

Why we desperately need your help:

  1. To keep the app free for everyone
  2. To check all products and add them one by one to our database (with every euro you donate we will be able to add 2 products to our database!)
  3. To beat the industry with all that information gathered
  4. To convince politicians to ban plastic in cosmetics
  5. To make the app even more user-friendly.

So please donate now and help us in the fight against microplastics in cosmetics! #Nomoreplastic

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from €50,000 (41%)

Thank you!

08-01-2021 | 17:00

We want to thank you all so much for supporting our crowdfunding campaign 🙏

Every penny is so important for us to continue our battle against microplastics in cosmetics. We hope to make great strides in 2021 with your help 💙

We are ready, are you? 💪

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